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The Owl Performance Longboard 9'0
920,00 €

Wise like the bird itself, “The Owl” knows how to make you enjoy surfing. It catches every wave! Turns like an owl’s head and makes you noseride like a hanged t-shirt on a clothesline on a windy day! Thοse that want to rip the big ones will appreciate this board.

Ingredients for Surfness recipe:

  • Rounded pin tail
  • Slightly single to double concave and vee of the tail
  • Medium rocker
  • Lower rails
  • 6x5+6 oz fiberglass
  • Handpainted artwork
  • Salty Drop center 9” fin and side fin-boxes

All surfboards are handshaped and handpainted in Indonesia.

In the price are included: 
- Handmade fins (you can check them on the catalog
- Salty Drop surfboard case made to provide high protection to the surfboard,  with an inner case for the fins
- Leash