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The Drop Performance Shortboard
595,00 €

It takes every drop in any wave,  small or big ones,  mushy or hollow. With this board you won’t count feet but waves. Performance at first sight but with the fishy outline and the round pin tail you can surf it in any style you wish. Anywaves… We could say “one board to rule them all”. And this is it!

Ingredients for Surfness recipe:

  • Flat to medium rocker
  • Round pin tail
  • Vee in the nose, single to double in the middle and vee off the tail.
  • 6x5+4 oz fiberglass
  • Handpainted artwork
  • Salty drop 5 fin setup 

 All surfboards are handshaped and handpainted in Indonesia.

In the price are included:
- Handmade fins (you can check them on the catalog)
- Salty Drop surfboard case made to provide high protection to the surfboard with an inner case for the fins
- Leash


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